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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Be confident in your abilities, all experience is valuable."
Intern, London
"It can be pretty rigorous. Be honest with your responses, it's about showing your ability and willingness to learn, not about knowing everything already."
Intern, London
"I did the spring week and was fast-tracked to an assessment centre. My interview tips would be to be approachable, curious and nice. Research your division in advance."
Intern, London
"For software engineering, the recruitment process consisted of an online video interview and coding test, followed by a single-day assessment centre that had two technical interviews, a competency interview and then a group activity. In terms of advice, don't try to pretend to know everything. The company is looking for people who are passionate and want to learn more than people who seem to know everything already."
Intern, London
"Be sure to connect your previous experiences with the position you are applying for. Highlight the BlackRock values that you align with, show that you are eager to learn and do not be afraid if you do not come from a finance or technological background/education. Just see it as your unique selling point, everyone is considered at BlackRock."
Intern, London
"For the coding challenge, take your time and try to put effort into your code. Don't just settle for the working code, try to make it nice, elegant and well-defined. For the assessment centre, prepare as for any other technical interview but be prepared to leave the technical details and show your potential as a person. The company wants to see open, curious and passionate people."
Intern, London


"I was able to find common interests with one of my interviewers, which helped me to relax and be myself. My advice to future interns is: don't worry, just be yourself!"
Intern, London
"I had to submit a virtual cover letter that had very straightforward questions about the company and the division. Afterwards, I had two rounds with different people consisting mainly of behavioural questions as it's a client-facing business."
Intern, Zurich
"Be ready whenever they invite you for an interview to take the chance to present yourself in person."
Intern, Frankfurt
"It's a four-step process. There's an online application, a video application through HireVue, two telephone interviews of thirty minutes each and finally an assessment centre in London where you have two thirty-minute interviews and work on a group project."
Intern, London (City of London)
"The initial online cover letter was very straightforward. This was followed by online interviews as well as an assessment centre. During the assessment centre, I completed a group exercise as well as a case study, which did not require any important prior knowledge or preparation."
Intern, London
"The process was longer than I expected. Two pieces of advice I would give to new applicants are: be aware of what is happening in the world and be yourself as the firm is looking for people who are able to challenge their status quo every day."
Intern, Milan
"Try to use keywords such as fiduciary, diversity and client-focused in context when possible."
Intern, London
"I would advise people to get information about the firm, about the team they are applying to, and about the activities, stakes and challenges of the team. Finally, be clear on why they would fit with both the firm and the specific team they are applying to."
Intern, London
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