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"Some HR-related events would be better if they were made optional."
Intern, Budapest
"We're unable to choose our rotations and there's a bit of a lack of formal training."
Intern, London
"You have to spend the majority of the first couple of days going through mandatory compliance training."
Intern, London
"I'm unfortunately in a different office to my line manager."
Intern, Edinburgh
"It is a big company so you may not get as much responsibility as you would in a start up or smaller organisation."
Intern, London
"The hours can be challenging at times and there is a lot expected of an intern."
Intern, London


"The internship is good, but I would have liked for it to be longer so I had more time to focus on the assigned project."
Intern, London
"The workload can vary depending on the time of year."
Intern, Zurich
"While the work/life balance is not bad when compared to other areas, you are still expected to perform more than in comparable companies on average."
Intern, Drapers Gardens 12 Throgmorton Avenue London EC2N 2DL - LO9
"Some tasks are quite complicated and you need to have a good background of the industry in order to attempt to understand them."
Intern, Madrid
"I think the experience varies too much between teams."
Intern, London
"As there are so many interns in the office, it is hard to get to know them all."
Intern, London
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