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One Small Change


"I think it would be good if the internship started earlier. Maybe mid-June instead of the end of June."
Intern, London
"Give a tour of the office when interns start. It can sometimes be confusing to know where everything is."
Intern, London
"More training at the start of the internship with the other interns, perhaps a whole week rather than two days."
Intern, London
"Give the interns an optional survey halfway into the internship asking if any of the interns are interested to learn more about other departments and then provide them with the chance to network with professionals in other departments who may not be present in the country the interns' office is in."
Intern, Budapest
"I would make sure that all interns are in the same office as their line managers to avoid any issues."
Intern, Edinburgh


"It would have been great to have had slightly more intern group sessions in the first few weeks to get to know the other interns better earlier on."
Intern, London
"Training sessions could be more spread out as it can be very overwhelming to have many training sessions packed together in two weeks. For the induction weeks, it would be nice to have a social event with interns in other departments so we can get to know them better."
Intern, London
"Integrate shadowing days (or just half-days) where an intern can go and experience the work at another desk."
Intern, Zurich
"Feedback should be given directly as well as through our line managers."
Intern, London
"Maybe have a technical session at the beginning as technology is very important for the daily business of coding and Excel etc."
Intern, London (City of London)
"More rotations and exposure to different business units."
Intern, London
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