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"There are so many wonderful things about interning at BlackRock. I think the best thing is the people as everyone is friendly, extremely intelligent, hard-working and very eager to help."
Intern, London
"You're as involved in meetings and out-of-office activities as your full-time teammates."
Intern, Budapest
"It's very well organised and gives us an insight into every component of the firm. The people here are extremely friendly and always happy to answer questions and offer help."
Intern, London
"The company values teamwork, inclusion and diversity and really invests in talent."
Finance, Intern, Edinburgh
"The resources available for learning and the hands-on experience gained through working on meaningful projects."
Intern, London
"The best thing about doing an internship at BlackRock is the chance to get exposure to a wide range of projects, which means that an intern learns a lot in a short time."
Intern, London


"I've been treated like a team member and challenged to perform difficult tasks. I've had good guidance from team members and managers as well as interesting and engaging work."
Intern, Edinburgh
"The team integrates you very quickly and includes you in its daily business. This leads to a steep learning curve about the business itself and also about the culture. Everyone from the other teams has also warmly welcomed me and was excited to present their business line to me."
Intern, Frankfurt
"The company is amazing and I love that it's so young and has such modern values. I was also very impressed by how the employees and the company itself stick to the core values while promoting them."
Intern, Madrid
"The internship allowed me to work on my developer skills and exposed me to professional practices used in the industry. I also connected with many inspiring individuals across the company. I appreciated being given high-responsibility tasks from the very beginning and I felt included in the team's workflow at all times. The salary is really good as well."
Intern, London
"You are treated as a member of your team for the duration, rather than as 'the intern'. You are given real work that actually matters to the company and you have a voice at every table you sit at as well as a good degree of independence. Also, as a result of this culture, people take you seriously. They listen to your arguments and are willing to take the time to chat to you about almost anything."
Intern, London
"It's a very welcoming environment with a lot of opportunities to learn about other divisions within the firm."
Intern, London
"You have the chance to have a real impact as well as work on projects and deliver outcomes that are useful to the team."
Intern, Milan
"Everyone in the company is very willing to help you and facilitate getting the most out of the programme."
Intern, London
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