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9.3 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2019)


"The remuneration is very good for interns, and not just in terms of salary but also travel expenses and food etc."
Intern, Frankfurt
"It's fair pay and quite generous."
Intern, London
"The salary is very competitive."
Intern, London
"It's really high in terms of internships."
Intern, Edinburgh
"It is a great amount for an internship. There are other tech companies that offer better salaries, but I was more interested in gathering experience in finance rather than the earnings."
Intern, London
"It is very good for an intern."
Intern, London


"I think the remuneration is fair."
Intern, London
"It's very good and unexpected as it is not advertised."
Intern, Edinburgh
"It is very high relative to a normal graduate salary."
Intern, London
"It's a very good salary for an intern."
Intern, London
"The remuneration in this company and industry is extremely high for an internship. I did not know of these wages when I applied for it and it was a very pleasant surprise when I received the offer."
Intern, Madrid
"The remuneration was really good; I could not have asked for more."
Intern, London
"The remuneration is excellent and well above most other firms as well as being on a par with its peers."
Intern, London
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