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Satisfaction with Work

8.4 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2019)


"All of the work that's assigned to us has been well thought out and really helped me learn more. We were given an overview of the business and our particular area, BRS (BlackRock Solutions), as well as all the teams in BRS. We were then moved on to rotating across the buckets, or sub-teams, within Aladdin Client Services while doing projects with each to help our understanding. This was all while completing bigger projects that we get to present on."
Intern, London
"Alongside working on my project, I have been given tasks to complete regularly. The work I do feels valuable and helps my team."
Intern, London
"I've been given daily tasks to relay information to the team and I feel like a useful member. I have also spent a lot of my time learning about coding instead of investment."
Intern, London
"I'm very satisfied with the quality of work I've been given as I feel like I'm actually making a contribution. Day to day, most of my time is spent programming along with a daily stand-up where I share progress and what I am planning to do."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I have been assigned a task that is very interesting as it's part of a unique event of the company eg acquisition. I have generally been assigned tasks that help me understand whether I fit well within BlackRock's culture."
Finance, Intern, Edinburgh
"I am very satisfied with the work I have been assigned as it is value-adding. I complete the daily tasks of a standard employee while working on meaningful projects."
Intern, London


"The quality of the work was very good overall. I completed day-to-day tasks as well as project work and both were valuable."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I act as the project manager when bringing clients on board, implementing changes or terminating an account."
Intern, London
"I am working on a development-based group project with the other interns in my team. We meet in the morning, check progress and then the majority of my day is spent programming by myself or with another intern if I am struggling. The work given is very good as it is achievable in the time we are here, yet is nicely challenging too."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I am pretty satisfied with the work I did day to day as it was a lot of help to the team. The tasks that I would do were also very handy for me to understand the core basics of what the company is. I did a lot of basic tasks such as sending confirmations of transfers or dividends paid to the clients, which also enabled me to create my network of contacts with the BlackRock employees and the clients with whom we work daily."
Intern, Madrid
"Most of the work was very interesting and engaging. There was a balance between teamwork with the other intern on my team and individual projects. There were also a few less exciting tasks such as formatting etc, but it's part of the role. Overall, it was better than I expected."
Intern, London
"I was able to work on a project with real value and take over the tasks of an analyst who left the team. I also enjoyed working with senior people and getting tips and suggestions from them while feeling very valued as a part of the team."
Intern, London (City of London)
"I have been assigned a variety of work but would have liked to experience work in different departments."
Intern, London
"I'm very satisfied. I have been working on multiple projects that were useful to directors in order to make competitive analyses on the Italian business. I also attended meetings with clients, events and video conferences that allowed me to understand what being a salesperson means and to stay in touch with the other EMEA offices."
Intern, Milan
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