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Career Prospects

7.4 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2019)


"I haven't been in a situation to talk or consider promotions yet, but I get the impression that promotion opportunities are within reach for those who seek them. People who perform will have good opportunities."
Graduate, Copenhagen
"There seem to be good career prospects, but you have to perform above average for them. There's not much transparency as of yet, but I hope we will be getting more info in our second year (or before)."
Graduate, Warrington
"I've come across a lot of previous grads, from ones who finished the scheme last year to grads who finished eight years ago. This shows me that many have stayed with DCC following the completion of the scheme and, in their own words, are where they want to be in their careers."
Graduate, Slough
"The other graduates who have completed the course are all doing very well. My company aims to retain graduates at the end of the role, which tells me that it is both a possibility to be promoted and a desirable company to work for."
Graduate, Burnley
"The programme is structured over two years and so promotions during the programme are limited. However, there seem to be good progression opportunities for graduates within the group after the programme."
Marketing, Graduate, Dublin


"If you prove your worth during the scheme then you may find yourself in a position that's much higher up the organisation than if you were to work your way up from the bottom."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"There's a generally high retention rate of graduates and a number of former graduates are now in management roles."
Graduate, Drogheda
"There is the possibility of being offered a permanent placement after the graduate programme if you have shown you are a valuable employee."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"Because this is a graduate programme and you have two one-year rotations, you don't really get to the stage of promotion within a business. However, rather than a disadvantage in the business, I would say it is the expected outcome for a graduate programme. At the end of the programme, most graduates get a job offer from one of the DCC divisions."
Graduate, Dublin
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