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(based on 17 ratings in 2019)


"My office is a young and international environment. However, as all graduates can be placed in different locations and industries, the hierarchy and culture of each business differs vastly."
Graduate, Paris
"My office is a vibrant and multicultural office with various events being put on by social organisers. There's a range of working spaces inside the office, allowing people to work more casually or in a focused environment."
Graduate, Paris
"Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. People are always looking for more ways to enable collaboration. The hierarchy is quite flat so I have had the opportunity to meet some really senior members of the company. There are always opportunities to interact and socialise with your colleagues."
Graduate, Slough
"The health and wellness programme in work provides for a lot of the positive attitude. My business offers fun initiatives such as ice cream vans in the summer months and after-work initiatives such as couch to 5ks. The hierarchy in the office consists of the managing director, several directors, managers, supervisors and executives. The office is open plan, with most directors having an open-door policy."
Graduate, Dublin
"The structure is very flat and you can have lots of exposure to senior level management if you are prepared to be proactive. In my current placement, there is also a nice group of us for lunch and tea breaks, with ice cream vans on Fridays in the summer, Wednesday walking groups and a Thursday after-work running club. We also have regular bake sales and an in-house health and well-being initiative. I work with a few other grads and we get together regularly outside of work, which is great fun."
Graduate, Dublin
"Everybody in my office is very friendly and it's quite a relaxed environment. I work collaboratively with my team on a daily basis and, as most of the floor in my office is open plan, I am able to communicate easily with other teams throughout the day as well. There is also a social club that organises events for employees."
Marketing, Graduate, Dublin


"The culture can vary greatly across the local offices and will depend on personal preferences, though it is still easy to feel involved in any of the companies."
Entry level,
"My office is a very sociable and fast-paced office environment with a constant buzz around it."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"The culture is very professional. I have an excellent relationship with other graduates, although this is dependent on your placement as you may feel isolated if no other graduates are placed nearby."
Graduate, Drogheda
"There's a driven but laid-back approach. You're given real responsibility and the space to complete work in your own way so long as deadlines and targets are achieved. There's a good sense of teamwork and cooperation on various tasks."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"There's a great atmosphere at work. People not only work closely within their teams but the relationships between departments are also supported by the company."
Marketing, Graduate, Paris
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