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Green Initiatives

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(based on 17 ratings in 2019)


"Don't waste paper and don't fly if you don't need to, Skype meetings are preferred."
Graduate, Copenhagen
"Many of the businesses deal with non-renewable energy, so chances are you might end up in one for at least a year. Consider that. It does not seem like the company will transition to clean energy any time soon. Alternatively, you can ask to be placed in technology or healthcare. There are some small green initiatives around the office, but I would like to see much more than this."
Graduate, Warrington
"Butagaz is the first LPG energy provider in France to open a carbon compensation programme. It is also the first office to get rid of plastic cups. DCC is becoming more green as time goes by."
Graduate, Paris
"There's a lot of attention given to cutting down on paper wastage, as well as recycling."
Graduate, Slough
"DCC has major business in the energy industry with oil and bulk fuel being a major product group. Apart from that, the company appears to have a good stance regarding green initiatives."
Graduate, Dublin
"In my current business there are recycling bins and battery bins, which I appreciate. However, there are styrofoam boxes for takeaway food along with single-use plastic knives and forks if you are eating outside of the cafeteria. There's also no initiative to use your own cup if you'd like a takeaway coffee. Overall, there is room for improvement."
Graduate, Burnley


"As a company in the oil industry, this is taken seriously. We comply with all biofuel legislation and are pushing the sale of environmentally friendly products."
Graduate, Manchester/Warrington
"It's as good here as at any other employer I have worked for."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"Recycling bins are available in the office."
Graduate, Drogheda
"I haven't got much knowledge on the green initiatives taken by DCC as my exposure to this is limited. However, there is a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint."
Graduate, Basingstoke
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