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Interview Questions


"I was mainly asked situational questions so I'd recommend using the STAR method to answer."
Marketing, Graduate, Warrington, UK
"How will your attributes fit into the DCC culture and core values?"
Graduate, Raunds
"I was asked to give an example of a time when I displayed leadership and teamwork etc. I was also asked a number of situational questions where I was presented with a scenario and asked how I would adapt."
Graduate, Dublin
"The questions are centred around the core values and attributes of the company."
Graduate, Burnley
"I was asked for examples of when I had demonstrated certain skills such as teamwork, or had dealt with a difficult situation."
Marketing, Graduate, Dublin
"There were a lot of situational and hypothetical questions."
Graduate, Drogheda


"There's a mixture of competency questions and questions based around previous work experience and college projects. Nothing too out of the ordinary."
Graduate, Manchester/Warrington
"In my interview I was asked for examples of when I had displayed a certain skill or competency, followed by a theoretical future example and how I would negotiate a theoretical situation."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"The questions were competency based, focusing on when I had demonstrated particular skills."
Human Resources, Graduate, Dublin
"I had competency-based questions and hypothetical questions based on possible situations and how I would deal with them."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"The questions were mostly qualitative. None were about a specific industry or business that DCC owns."
Graduate, Dublin
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