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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The application process is a general online application followed by online tests, a telephone interview and then an invite to the assessment centre. My advice is to put time and effort into your application and try to include information that stands out. For the assessment centre, prepare to have an answer for any question asked and make sure you practice your presentation. Be yourself and enjoy it! Follow the STAR method for interview question answers."
Marketing, Graduate, Warrington, UK
"The application process is fairly long but fair and there is always a point of contact if you need to ask specific questions. I would advise candidates to prepare their presentations well for the assessment centre and complete the tests when they are feeling focused."
Graduate, Paris
"Preparation is critical for the DCC process. The assessment centre and following events are very structured and formal. Learn about the four divisions in detail as well as how they integrate and differ."
Graduate, Raunds
"There are a couple of stages to get through before the final assessment centre. These consist of initial registration, an online application form, psychometric testing, a phone call interview and then an assessment centre. The assessment centre consists of an interview, presentation, group exercise and tests. Be well rested before the assessment centre and try to stand out and be different to make the interviewers remember you."
Graduate, Dublin
"The application process was very organised and of a high standard. My advice would be to throw yourself into the process and try to convey your enthusiasm and willingness to learn as best you can. Try to keep a good energy as the tests may not necessarily be interpreted the way you think they will be."
Graduate, Burnley
"The process consists of an online form, online tests and a telephone interview. The final stage is an assessment centre held in Dublin. All final candidates travel to Dublin and complete a range of activities and interviews, as well as attending an evening networking event. Researching DCC before the assessment centre is important, as is making sure that you have real-life examples of when you have demonstrated key skills or achievements."
Marketing, Graduate, Dublin


"I can't stress enough how important being prepared for the assessment centre is. The process involves several stages including online tests, a telephone interview and then a four-part assessment centre."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"There is an online application form followed by some online tests. If you are successful then you are invited to a telephone interview that is followed by an assessment centre in Dublin. Be sure to think of examples of when you have demonstrated a specific skill in preparation for the telephone interview and assessment centre."
Human Resources, Graduate, Dublin
"Prepare competency-based answers for your interview that show off who you are and your experiences. Make these relevant to the values of the company."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"The application process was divided into several steps consisting of an online application, a psychometric test, a telephone interview and an assessment centre. The best way to prepare is to analyse and understand how you work and interact in a work environment and why."
Marketing, Graduate, Paris
"There is an online form to start your application with that contains basic information about yourself and a few short essays. After this, you get to write your psychometric exams online (numerical, verbal and logical) followed by a phone interview and then an assessment centre. The assessment centre is made up of a presentation, a psychometric exam, a group exercise and an interview."
Graduate, Dublin
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