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One Small Change


"A greater emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint and working towards a cleaner form of energy as a base to conduct business."
Graduate, Drogheda
"Increase the perks that come with the job."
Marketing, Graduate, Warrington, UK
"I would ask the management team to be future-thinking and investigate acquisitions into new companies that are green (wind, hydrogen, solar and battery production etc). I didn't feel any concern about the changing trends into renewables, and that might affect employees currently employed in retail and gas in the future. 'One small change in direction, one big step into the future'."
Graduate, Warrington
"Encourage more networking across companies."
Graduate, Burnley (Greater Manchester), UK
"I would like it if the subsidiary companies offered employees more internal training eg LEAN organisation training, project management training or Excel training."
Graduate, Dublin
"More eco-friendly habits and more vegetarian options for food."
Graduate, Burnley


"Make sure there's more than one graduate in each office. I think there could be more support offered to graduates finding accommodation when moving to a new or unfamiliar country."
Graduate, Manchester/Warrington
"Some of the office locations are not very desirable."
Graduate, Drogheda
"Standardise the working hours across the businesses. It seems unfair that some graduates are working fewer hours for the same remuneration. Organise more graduate meet-ups for training and events."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"Connect the similar divisions in some way and make sure that graduates get an overall experience during the placement. Similarly, I would try my best to connect each graduate with at least one other from the programme."
Graduate, Dublin
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