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"The relocation expenses are £1000 pounds internationally and £500 domestically. I've had free training with the team two or three times in the two years I've been here, with my hotel and food covered."
Graduate, Warrington
"The training and development provided. This training takes place in Dublin with all expenses covered and includes a personal coach and the development of soft skills."
Graduate, Paris
"We've got a healthcare plan and cycle-to-work employee discounts in my current business."
Graduate, Raunds
"This varies depending on the company you are in. My current placement has regular raffles for tickets to sports games. All grads have a relocation allowance each year of up to £500 if you are moving within your country of residence or £1000 if you are moving internationally. All of the training is residential with all expenses paid."
Graduate, Dublin
"There are several residential training and development sessions across the programme, with accommodation and meals paid for and a chance to reunite with the rest of your cohort. I also received free tickets to a sporting event on one of my placements."
Marketing, Graduate, Dublin
"We get relocation expenses and graduate training events that are paid for by the company. We're also given the opportunity to develop skills and network with other graduates and colleagues across the group. There's a tuition repayment scheme whereby the company can fund any relevant professional qualification within business reasons."
Graduate, Drogheda


"There's a bonus of up to 15% available based on performance. There's also continued training throughout the grad programme and sponsored professional qualifications."
Graduate, Manchester/Warrington
"There's additional qualification support (eg professional certificates and foreign languages), moving expenses and placements outside of the UK and Ireland."
Entry level,
"In my current placement, sales incentives include private boxes in Wembley stadium (sport, comedy etc) and we get a relocation allowance."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"There's a relocation allowance and some businesses offer free tickets to sporting events."
Graduate, Drogheda
"Every placement is different. The business I am placed with has provided tickets to different shows and rugby matches and has provided free coffee every day."
Graduate, Dublin
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