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Relations with Management

8.5 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2019)


"Managers are extremely accessible with constant communication and feedback."
Marketing, Graduate, Warrington, UK
"My experience at DCC has been great. All three of my managers were directors of their teams and, despite their position, they were generally available and great mentors. They had open-door policies and would often join lunch and get involved with their teams."
Graduate, Paris
"My manager is extremely accessible. We stay in regular contact over text, phone, email and Microsoft Teams. My manager has been incredibly helpful and has already, one month in, provided me with much guidance."
Graduate, Slough
"Managers are always open to engage in discussion and make themselves available when needed. Performance feedback is set at two, six and twelve months into our contracts. Praise and recognition is given."
Graduate, Raunds
"The managers are very friendly and approachable. However, they were often busy or out of the office in my first placement so scheduling time with them could be a challenge. That said, the feedback you get is very good."
Graduate, Dublin
"My manager is always available to help with anything I am unsure of and offer feedback on any projects that I am working on. There are also regular reviews throughout the programme where I sit down with my manager and review my performance in line with my objectives and the graduate programme review criteria."
Marketing, Graduate, Dublin


"I've had excellent communication with my line manager. We have a weekly catch-up to discuss progress and he is keen to involve me in projects and management decisions."
Graduate, Manchester/Warrington
"DCC managers are very senior so the time they have can be limited. However, they still make time to help develop their graduates."
Graduate, Basingstoke
"There is exposure to management on a daily basis and the opportunity to learn from their experiences. You can also quite easily find yourself working on projects alongside them and getting the opportunity to give your opinions and feedback."
Human Resources, Graduate, Dublin
"I have an excellent communication channel with management and they're always willing to listen and advise me on any questions that I may have."
Graduate, Drogheda
"My line manager is easily reached, communications are open and feedback is strong."
Graduate, Basingstoke
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