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8.6 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"There's a good working culture with a strong emphasis on feedback, lots of after-work socials and everyone pitches in with improving the culture and designing processes and structures. Some of the parties and events have been incredible and very well planned and executed. Overall, it's a very good culture."
Graduate, London
"The team are very good at helping you to pursue personal development goals, be it in relation to a particular skill set or industry sector. The hierarchy is flat, we work in an open plan office and everyone from partner to associate is always approachable. We run a number of team events throughout the year including an annual two-day retreat, post-case evening events and training days. After work on a Friday, a large contingent of the office will go to one of the pubs near London Bridge together."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"There's a great culture as we're a small team so everyone knows everyone and regularly socialises together."
Graduate, London
"It's a well-known fact that EY-Parthenon has one of the best cultures in the consulting world. The team has a flat hierarchy and you're working directly alongside partners in the office. Everyone gets involved in the problem solving and there are near weekly socials. We have fancy dinners to celebrate completing a case, bake-offs, away days and 'wine and paint' nights. It's very laid back and everyone genuinely enjoys each others' company in and out of the office."
Graduate, London


"Close-knit community; one of the best things about working for Parthenon is Friday lunch, where the 1st year associates order lunch in for the whole office and we eat together in the kitchen. I think that it'd be tough to find a company with a flatter structure, where you can be brainstorming ideas with your seniors one minute and then playing five-a-side or FIFA with your managing partner the next."
Graduate, London
"Office is relatively small so people get to know each other well. Lots of events are organised to maintain the culture at the firm and culture is something the firm prides itself on."
Graduate, London
"The office hierarchy feels very flat. In a case team it is very clear what everyone's responsibility is, however all inputs are genuinely treated equally. The social culture is fantastic, first year associates are in charge of organising things like 5-a-side football on Fridays and social events at the end of particularly long cases."
Entry level, London
"I trust and respect the senior people in the office who I think genuinely have their employees' interests at heart. It's a small enough office to know everyone and there is a great sense of culture and community. People are genuinely nice and as a result, teamwork is good and socialising is fun and frequent!"
Strategy, Entry level, London


"The culture at Parthenon is very relaxed and collegial, both in the office and after hours. The structure is flat - it is a small firm, everyone knows everyone."
Graduate, London
"Our culture is our best asset. It's a very flat culture, where I sit in the same room as our partners and feel comfortable chatting with them over lunch. Similarly, there's often an emphasis on collaboration within case teams too. Outside of the office, we tend to socialise quite a bit, with Friday drinks regularly and office events every few weeks."
Graduate, London
"There is a strong emphasis on culture at Parthenon - I haven't seen a place like it when I've worked elsewhere. Lots of fun in the office, despite emphasis on good, hard work."
Entry level, London
"Parthenon has a very flat and non-hierarchical organizational structure, where everyone sits in an open-plan office. There are no 'cubicles' or offices to separate senior and junior members of the firm. The workforce is very nice, and social events including Friday drinks are a must."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"The culture at Parthenon is jovial and funny - there are always people enjoying themselves in the office. There is a hierarchy but given the high retention rate and the number of people who have climbed through the ranks, there is a strong sense of solidarity between cohorts. Cooperation and teamwork are central to our work given we work in case teams."
Consulting, Graduate, London
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