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(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"We are making progress with regards to improving diversity. However, there still aren't many women in very senior positions."
Graduate, London
"We have a dedicated diversity and inclusion committee that does some great work in all aspects including recruitment and inclusion. We have a growing number of senior-level managers who are mothers and there's a parents' network."
Graduate, London


"As a small office it is difficult to achieve a diverse population but a number of employees are committed to trying to do this."
Graduate, London
"There is a dedicated diversity committee that works both independently and closely with recruitment to make sure that we are continuing to bring in and cater for a diverse community of people. We currently have around 15 nationalities in our office of about 40 people!"
Entry level, London
"The employer's commitment to diversity is very good. There's an effort to recruit more women and address gender balance with focus now on BAME and social mobility. However, the industry in general suffers from a lack of diversity because they often recruit from elite universities which are themselves quite homogeneous. I don't doubt Parthenon's commitment to addressing this though."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"It is challenging to ensure office diversity for a 25-person office, but there is visibly a lot of effort put into diversity commitments, and is led by junior members of the office themselves - which speaks to the company's entrepreneurial culture."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"We have a diverse office with people from various backgrounds."
Entry level, London
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