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Interview Questions


"What's more important, being smart, nice or driven? This relates to the company's motto."
Graduate, London
"I was asked about market sizing, a 'data dump' style question and some questions about my CV."
Graduate, London
"There were typical case interviews and market sizing problems."
Graduate, London


"I was asked a lot of questions on case studies."
Graduate, London
"Market sizing as well as break even questions."
Graduate, London
"Use data given to find when a fictional school will break even. Find the UK market size for retail sale of luxury household paint."
Entry level, London
"I did four case studies: a market sizing on supply teaching, market sizing on luxury paint, break even for a private school, and growth options for a baked goods company. CV and fit questions were fairly typical: why consulting? Why Parthenon? Tell me about a time you worked in a team. That sort of thing."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"Questions included interpreting data, identifying drivers of growth, prioritising markets for entry."
Graduate, London
"Part of my interview was an extended case study regarding the baby milk market."
Entry level, London
"I did four case interviews in total - one of them involved estimating the number of pieces of incoming luggage received by Heathrow airport annually."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
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