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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Think out loud and don't be afraid to revisit parts of your answer or assumptions in order to improve them. Be personable."
Graduate, London
"The first round consists of two 30-minute cases and the second round consists of two slightly longer cases (40 minutes) and a personal fit interview with a partner. Practise cases to best prepare for interviews here. Use resources available through your careers centre and through recognised sources such as Marc Cosentino and Victor Cheng. Practise with friends who are also trying to get into consulting."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"It tends to be four case interviews over two rounds with one fit interview in the final round. Learn some market sizing approaches but don't be too wedded to frameworks. The interviews are interviewer-led."
Graduate, London
"Practise case studies, be willing to ask questions and relax!"
Graduate, London
"Relax and treat your interviewer like a normal human being. After a CV screening, it's four case interviews and a 'fit' interview over two rounds. It's worth doubling down on case practice and reflecting on your experiences so far."
Graduate, London


"The application process for consulting firms in general is much shorter than most other industries. There are no competency questions when you submit your application, all you need is a CV and a cover letter. Then if you get through to the interviews, it's two case studies in the first round and two more case studies followed by an HR interview in the second round. I'd recommend you get as much case study practice as you can in the lead up to interviews, there's nothing that consultancies place more emphasis on when deciding the outcome for interviewees."
Graduate, London
"Interviews are case study based and relate to cases that the firm has done in the past. There is a large numerical aspect to these interviews and so practicing mental arithmetic out loud is advisable."
Graduate, London
"For me the process consisted of two rounds of interviews. The first round was 2 x 30 minute case studies. The second round was 2 x 45 minute case studies and a 30 minute 'fit' interview."
Entry level, London
"Very much case study based, but with lots of mentoring from current employees."
Graduate, London
"Case study practice is most important – do as much as you can with as many different people as you can. Always over-structure rather than under-structure your answers. Feeling comfortable with straightforward business maths is also important. In the first round the focus is on the case, so spend time on that rather than general interview or CV preparation."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"My advice is to read case study books and do plenty of market sizing exercises. Interviews are conducted CV-blind, so the person speaking to you has no idea where you went to university or what your grades are. If you excel in the exercises, this has no bearing."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"Practise case interviews with lots of people - both your friends and people you've just met. The more uncomfortable you feel during practise, the better prepared you will be for the interview."
Graduate, London
"Be prepared for case studies - a good tip is to practise with others."
Midlevel, London
"Prepare very well for the case study. It is the basis of the decision and yet is frequently under-researched and relatively under-practised."
Entry level, London
"Prepare well for case interviews as you would for companies such as McKinsey. It might be useful to think about how you present yourself as Parthenon is very particular about fit - smart, nice, driven."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
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