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"Hours can be very brutal sometimes, and the business seems to be increasingly diligence-heavy. I'd like to do more strategy work than I'm currently doing."
Graduate, London
"Sometimes you might work long hours Monday to Thursday."
Graduate, London
"The hours can be very long, as is the case for most transaction and M&A orientated careers."
Graduate, London


"Given it is a small office, the project variety depends a lot on timing and workload can be unpredictable."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"We often don't get given notice before the start of a case, sometimes being told on the day. This means there is little time to do background research and prepare."
Graduate, London
"Can be long hours at times."
Graduate, London
"Unpredictable hours."
Graduate, London
"The hours can be punishing – but I expected this. I sometimes miss having a social purpose to my work."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"Occasionally the hours can be a little long."
Graduate, London
"Long hours, demanding timelines."
Graduate, London
"Our small office size means that there's a lot of room for individually driven work (by managers), but this also means that each manager works very differently, which is difficult to adhere to as an associate."
Graduate, London
"The double staffing model and the resulting very long working hours."
Midlevel, London
"The hours can be variable and it is often difficult to see ahead what time you might go home on any given day."
Entry level, London
"Long work hours due to double-staffing model."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"Long hours, little visibility as to when you will have free evenings during the week. Weekends are protected however."
Consulting, Graduate, London
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