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"We get free entry for two to Tate gallery special exhibitions."
Graduate, London
"Case team events are paid for by the company. This can include restaurant trips, the Crystal Maze and escape rooms etc. There's free dinners and taxis home if you are going to have to work past 9.00 pm."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"There's a fun event at the end of every case ranging from a nice dinner to a trip to the Crystal Maze to drinks in an ice bar."
Graduate, London
"There's free or discounted entry to events in London, free dinners and taxis home if you're working after 9.00 pm, Monday morning breakfasts and Friday lunches, case team events, drinks on a Friday and lots of other corporate benefits now we're under EY."
Graduate, London


"Almost everything that defines Parthenon: Summer events, sports events, Christmas parties, Friday lunches."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"Dinner budget of £20 when you stay late. Company contributes 8% of our salary toward our pension."
Graduate, London
"Friday lunch is a nice concept where the whole office eats lunch ordered by the associates every Friday. We are also well looked after when it comes to meals and taxis when working late."
Graduate, London
"The friendliness of everyone here!"
Entry level, London
"Coming from a public sector background, the perks seem abundant! We have plenty of nice dinners, fun case team events after each project, summer trips/activities, a well-stocked kitchen, taxis home, and dinners after 9.00 pm."
Strategy, Entry level, London


"We get 25 days paid holiday per year plus the last week of December off."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"Perks include: taxis after 9:00pm, free dinners at the office, stocked kitchen for free breakfast, full benefits, mentor lunches once or twice a month, case team dinners once a month, company retreats once a year, training trips, office events once a month."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"There are lots of fun activities, particularly in the summertime."
Graduate, London
"Regular, fun social nights out. Dinner if you're working late and taxi home."
Midlevel, London
"We get taxis home and dinners free after 9:00pm. There are also frequent firm drinks/dinners out."
Entry level, London
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