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One Small Change


"Specific feedback on our work for each project would be nice. There is a feedback programme in place, but I think my first project was short and didn't include it."
Intern, London
"Cut training down to two or three days."
Intern, London


"Have administrative tasks streamlined and presented in a more organised way."
Intern, London
"More client interaction."
Intern, London
"Make the roles of a mentor and counsellor slightly more clear at the start of the summer so interns can make the most of them."
Intern, London
"A more structured mentor system would be ideal. Perhaps include regular sessions with mentors."
Intern, London


"It would be nice if the scheme was ten weeks long instead of eight - I only worked for six weeks if you take into account the company meeting in the US and the week of training."
Consulting, Intern, London
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