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"If you leave the office after 9.00 pm, you can order dinner to the office and take a taxi home (both expensed to the firm). We have many social events that are all paid for by the company. I've been really surprised at the level of perks, it's a bit dangerous actually as I've become accustomed to a higher standard of living while working here and I'm going back to being a uni student soon!"
Intern, London
"We get free dinners, taxis and bar nights."
Intern, London
"There are free dinners and taxis home if you stay after 9.00 pm. Lots of social events are organised throughout summer and lunch for the whole office on Fridays."
Intern, London


"I went on a day trip to Wimbledon and attended a company weekend away and go-karting. You also get free dinners and taxis home if you work late."
Intern, London
"Day trip to Wimbledon, free dinners and taxis if working past 9.00 pm. Lots of summer events such as mini golf, trampolining and the crystal maze."
Intern, London
"The best perk was going to Wimbledon in our first week."
Intern, London
"There were weekly events including activities."
Intern, London


"We were given the opportunity to attend Wimbledon!"
Intern, London
"The best perks were probably the social nights out with people from the firm."
Consulting, Intern, London
"Perks included: centre court tickets to Wimbledon, a training trip to the US, and a Thames River cruise."
Consulting, London
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