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Satisfaction with Work

9.5 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2019)


"I was really grateful because I thought that the work I was given was meaningful and genuinely helpful. It's so cool to know that your slides are on the final client deliverable. Sometimes I was required to do more mechanical tasks, and at other times I got more interesting things, it really depended on what the project needed."
Intern, London
"I was responsible for market sizing, organising and conducting expert interviews and preparing presentations."
Intern, London
"The expectations of us were very similar to what would be expected from first-year associates just starting out, which meant that we were given a realistic expectation of what the work would be like if we were to join the company."
Intern, London


"My responsibilities increased steadily throughout the internship process."
Intern, London
"In my role as a summer associate, I did a variety of work on our cases including: secondary research, expert calls, surveys and data analysis. I then collated all this information into slides."
Intern, London
"My role in the company was to help out with the various ongoing projects the firm was conducting. This involved a mixture of primary (calls and surveys etc) and secondary research, as well as making client deliverables."
Intern, London


"I was given lots of responsibility to engage with clients and manage junior team members."
Intern, London
"I was very much part of the workstream during the internship. I felt I was a real part of the team and was given responsibilities and tasks that other interns at other firms would not have had a chance to do such as cutting a survey, sizing the market, writing a consumer survey, conducting calls, etc."
Consulting, Intern, London
"I was given the responsibilities of a full-time employee, but was also supported in my role."
Consulting, London
"My main roles included: research, synthesizing information, and creating presentations."
Intern, London
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