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8.3 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2019)


"We had a week of internal training to begin with. The training delivered by EY-Parthenon was really useful when we started work but I consider the majority of our training to actually come from our team when we've been working on a project. All the managers I had spent hours sitting with me explaining things and I really appreciated them taking the time."
Intern, London
"There's good training to cover basic stuff."
Intern, London
"We had a week of training that included Excel modelling, PowerPoint and survey making."
Intern, London


"Training was short. However, you learned a lot on the job."
Intern, London
"We had a week of training at the start on how to use Excel and Qualtrics as well as how to do secondary research and organise and make notes on expert calls. Associates were always on hand to help with extra support throughout the internship whenever you got to a task for the first time."
Intern, London
"We received training in conducting primary and secondary research as well as creating client deliverables. We also received training in administrative tasks that we had to complete regularly."
Intern, London


"Initially the training mostly consisted of top tips for surviving the first few weeks."
Intern, London
"Training during the internship was more about socialising than skill set development."
Intern, London
"Training in the first three days were good, but could have been extended to five days to provide us with the full tool-kit for the weeks ahead. Some sessions such as Outlook or case overview could have been added in the beginning of the week."
Consulting, Intern, London
"We spent a week training in the US. The training was helpful, but as with any apprenticeship model, most of the learning happens on-the-job."
Consulting, London
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