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6.5 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2017)


"We work hard. Getting such a lot of responsibility makes it inevitable that you will have to put in the hours."
Mid level, London
"It can vary quite a lot. I can sometimes leave work early and my boss does not chase me down for it. What's important is ownership and that you get your work done. This means I also stay late from time to time because I want to finish a project."
Graduate, Elst, Netherlands
"Working hours are flexible but a high workload is required."
Entry level, Milan, Italy
"I'm contracted for 37.5 hours per week but my real working hours are closer to 45 per week. If you want a work/life balance, this is something you will need to make happen yourself."
Supply Chain, Graduate, London
"You have contracted hours but really you work until the job is done. There is great flexibility with working from home, getting in later and leaving earlier so long as results are being delivered."
Graduate, London
"There's nobody forcing you to stay but there is an expectation for you to work longer hours if needed as every role is quite lean. The amount of flexibility with working from home etc is different in each team."
Marketing, Experienced, London
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