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7.9 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2019)


"The functional leadership team is very connected with the rest of the business, especially graduates/apprentices. There's a good level of socialising between colleagues and people mostly cooperate well."
Entry level, Ampthill, Bedford, Bedfordshire
"It is a very friendly place to work with a great mix of characters in the offices."
Graduate, Bedford
"It is really quiet in the office and I can get on with my work with very few distractions."
Graduate, Havant
"The culture is fairly corporate but that is not a negative point as I really like the structure that this gives to the workplace. Although corporate, the culture is great because of the relaxed nature of the open offices and the introduction of a relaxed dress code really helps individuals feel comfortable and do their best work."
Graduate, Havant


"The culture is fantastic and I feel it's a great environment to work in."
Mid level, Whiteley
"I generally agree with the cultural message of Lockheed Martin, although I believe there is more that can be done. Some of the leaders could be more focused on the improvement of employees."
Graduate, Bedford
"There are socialising activities available for those who wish to partake. These include running groups, sports teams and events organised within the graduate cohort for early careers employees."
Graduate, Ampthill
"The teamwork and comradery in teams is fantastic and senior engineers are usually happy to support developing ones. We have a Christmas party and team meals so there's lots of socialising with work colleagues both in work and outside of it."
Graduate, Ampthill
"It's a great environment to work in and everyone is happy to help when needed. The company's hierarchy can be confusing as there's no real structure and people with leadership roles can treat their positions very differently."
Graduate, Ampthill


"The culture is really close. A lot of the graduates meet up outside of work, work together on projects or events and help each other with personal development. The organisation has an open-door policy as well so all the managers and senior management are very welcoming and happy to answer questions if you need to pop into their office."
Graduate, Havant, UK
"The culture is good as everyone is friendly and happy to help. Socials are arranged and usually have a good turnout. It's a really nice place to work."
Graduate, Ampthill - Bedfordshire
"We have a really good working culture here."
Graduate, Whiteley
"There is a good office atmosphere as well as social occasions outside of work, especially in the graduate community."
Graduate, Ampthill
"The graduate community, while growing each and every year, remains quite socially active. Junior engineers receive a lot of support from fellow team members when required. A number of projects I've worked on encourage team members to seek assistance if stuck. The promotion cycle is very competitive."
Graduate, Ampthill
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