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Green Initiatives

5.6 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2019)


"We should really do more. Bin waste is recycled where possible but polystyrene is still used when serving food in the canteen."
Entry level, Ampthill, Bedford, Bedfordshire
"Recycling is widely encouraged but energy usage could be improved."
Graduate, Bedford
"We could have more recycling for glass, batteries and plastics etc. Right now this is quite limited."
Graduate, Havant
"It's not really mentioned."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"My knowledge of this is limited, which may be due to a lack of communication."
Graduate, Ampthill
"There seem to be plenty of green initiatives in place to satisfy my concerns."
Graduate, Havant


"The incentive for being green was very clear when I first started, with several bins around site separated into paper and plastics etc. However, the bins have recently been removed and now the new bin schemes mean all trash is dumped into one bin."
Graduate, Ampthill
"There is some effort, but not much focus on green initiatives."
Graduate, Bedford


"Lockheed do a lot of volunteering activities such as litter picking and planting new trees in an effort to support the environment and community we work in. We do small things as well such as trying to use less paper, providing recycling banks and turning the lights off during the night."
Graduate, Havant, UK
"Employee health initiatives are quite common. Annual participation in the yearly 5K MAD run is encouraged but is by no mean mandatory. A number of cycle racks are available as are on-site showers and changing rooms for those cycling or running."
Graduate, Ampthill
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