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Interview Questions


"There was a mixture of questions based around my technical knowledge, personality, attitude and ambitions etc."
Entry level, Ampthill, Bedford, Bedfordshire
"Explain a time when you had to deal with a conflict and explain a project you worked on that went successfully and please tell us why. Explain a project you worked on that was not successful and please tell us why. What really drives you?"
Graduate, Havant
"What is overloading? Describe runtime dynamic polymorphism. Describe the most difficult software project you've ever worked on."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"Tell us about a situation where you did not agree with a policy and how you overcame this. Here are some networking logs, what are these and what do you think is happening?"
Graduate, Havant
"I was asked several questions about my character, technical knowledge and approaches to problems. Character questions seemed to follow the STAR format of Q&As;. Technical knowledge was focused on software engineering concepts such as object orientated programming, inheritance and polymorphism etc. Approaches to problems involved me answering a question on how to design a solution to a given problem and describing all the steps of the engineering life cycle I would follow with related examples."
Graduate, Havant


"The telephone interview was very informal and was a chance to talk about my experiences at university and my time in industry. The assessment day questions were a mix between assessing me technically and asking how I feel about working in a team."
Graduate, Ampthill
"I was asked about the UK business and to give examples of my strengths and weaknesses."
Mid level, Whiteley
"Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult teammate."
Graduate, Bedford
"I was asked both technical and non-technical questions. These ranged from my extracurricular activities to what I'd studied at university."
Graduate, Havant
"I was asked to describe what the company did as well as questions about my CV."
Graduate, Ampthill


"I was asked about my CV and experiences and how I had demonstrated leadership in difficult times. Most of the interview is focused around describing a task you had to undertake, the actions you took and the results of your actions."
Graduate, Havant, UK
"Explain a time you worked well in a team, had a conflict in a team, went above and beyond etc."
Graduate, Ampthill - Bedfordshire
"I was asked to do a presentation on why I would be a good fit for the company and then had general interview questions."
Graduate, Whiteley
"For a graduate engineering role, the questions will begin by being about your degree and educational background. This moves on to why you want to get into engineering etc. You will then be asked about your project experience (be it university projects or internships etc) and have a conversation on your favourite subject. They may ask for examples of how you work in a team as well as about your extracurricular experience and hobbies (try to use examples that show an interest in STEM)."
Graduate, Ampthill
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