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Why your company?


"It's a well-known company with interesting projects."
Entry level, Ampthill, Bedford, Bedfordshire
"The location and my prior experience with the company."
Graduate, Bedford
"I wanted to work in the defence sector and there was good pay on offer."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"The role involved advertising skills and tasks. I wanted this as a starting point for my career."
Graduate, Havant
"The location combined with the nature of the work and the compensation was a good combination for me to decide on this position."
Graduate, Havant


"The opportunity to receive great exposure at such an early start in my career. I was able to start at the business with the ability to move around and try different roles."
Graduate, Ampthill
"Lockheed is a renowned company and one of the leading companies in the defence industry. I wanted to work for a company that had a great work/life balance to allow me to carry out all my extracurricular activities while also enabling me to learn and develop technically."
Graduate, Havant
"The company's reputation in the industry both in the UK and globally."
Graduate, Ampthill
"The type of business and the variety of projects you can get involved in."
Graduate, Ampthill


"I wanted to work at a company that allowed me to progress, take on new challenges and push me out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to make a positive impact on the future through inventing new technology. I found that Lockheed is helping to make this possible through developing my skills in a range of engineering disciplines, building a network of people and my leadership ability."
Graduate, Havant, UK
"There are good benefits. We're paid well throughout the graduate scheme with a good bonus at the start of your employment and after the first year. It's also a global company, which will always be appealing on your CV."
Graduate, Ampthill - Bedfordshire
"It's a really good company to work for with many career-development opportunities."
Graduate, Whiteley
"It's a huge corporation with great opportunities."
Graduate, Havant
"The large scope and variety of engineering projects that the company undertakes. The company heritage was another factor, as was the opportunity to work with international teams and customers."
Graduate, Ampthill
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