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Interview: Tips & Advice


"People skills are key throughout this process. It is the core of what Marsh represents, so being able to build professional relationships with other candidates and assessors at the assessment day is key. The main thing to remember is don't stress. I do not have an insurance background and you are not expected to know the fine details. Instead, look at the values that Marsh is promoting."
Graduate, Bristol
"There are standard online tests, a digital interview and an assessment day. Find someone who works for a broker and ask them about what it's like. Familiarise yourself with the process of placing risk. The corporate structure is really complex and the website isn't as helpful as it could be."
Graduate, London
"There's an application form, a video interview, numerical and verbal reasoning tests and an assessment centre (interview, group exercise, written exercise and presentation). Do thorough research prior to your interviews as Marsh is a complex organisation and interviewers will be impressed to see that you have taken the time to understand the structure of the company and how Marsh fits in to the wider MMC. The application process went smoothly and the early careers recruitment team was very responsive."
Graduate, London
"There was an online application, aptitude tests, a video interview and an assessment centre. Know the UK pension landscape, have an understanding of current macro economic trends, read Mercer's published research and try to bring your personality to the interview."
Graduate, London
"I was required to do an online application followed by online tests, a video interview and then an assessment centre. Make sure you research Mercer's values and understand the work it does. Also research the two types of pensions (DB and DC) and make sure you show that you know these in the interview as it will make you stand out."
Graduate, Manchester
"Be sure to research the company and its different parts extensively. It is also important to have some basic insurance knowledge eg the difference between a broker and insurer. This helps to show genuine interest in the interview process."
Graduate, London
"The process is long but worth it. Make sure you research the company and its values, this is key."
Graduate, Manchester
"Candidates should be clear as to why they want to join the company and the wider insurance industry. They should seek to have an understanding of the basics of insurance. Contextual knowledge regarding things such as the state of the market can enhance their credibility as candidates."
Risk Management, Graduate, London
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