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Relations with Management

8.7 / 10

(based on 22 ratings in 2019)


"My manager is great and offers lots of responsibility and support."
Graduate, London
"In my experience, managers from all areas are happy to help and give advice when they can, making them very personable. I think most of the senior management are interested in investing in young people, which has been a very positive factor in my experience."
Graduate, London
"They're very accessible and make good mentors. Most feedback is detailed and praise is given through monetary vouchers, which is nice."
Graduate, Woking
"They're very accessible, easy to approach and very friendly. Communication is also very good. Praise is given for work well done and I feel it is easy to get recognised for hard work, which is good."
Graduate, Belfast
"My line manager is very approachable and helpful. Regular reviews are given and internal communication is great."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I have an amazing manager. We have meetings every three weeks to catch up on my progress and she is very approachable. I feel I can go to her with all of my issues. Most senior members of staff are approachable and, due to hot desking, it is likely that you will sit next to them frequently. This prevents the awkward barriers that may exist if senior staff were to have their own offices/area of desks. Mercer is also great at recognising good work, it has an award scheme where you can nominate other colleagues for going above and beyond."
Graduate, London
"Managers are extremely accessible and make fantastic mentors as they have a wealth of training and support to enable them to do so. Their communication is brilliant and encourages you to grow."
Graduate, London
"I met the executives of the company within the first week and they were really friendly. I have a good relationship with my line manager and office manager. People are friendly and willing to help, no matter their seniority."
Graduate, Bristol
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