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Satisfaction with Work

8.0 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2019)


"The work I have been assigned has been very fast paced and interesting. I have to balance work alongside my ACII qualification but it is important to stay on top of this."
Graduate, London
"I'm very satisfied. The work I'm given varies depending on the client, the deadline and the risk etc. No two days are the same, which keeps it interesting. I'm in a broking role so I spend a lot of time at Lloyd's, which is a nice break from the office."
Property, Graduate, London
"Parts of the work I have been asked to do have been interesting but I think it would be better if the scope of this work increased."
Graduate, London
"Important pieces of work have been given to me from day one and consultants are happy to listen to my input and value me as a resource."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"You are given a number of clients to work with from the off. A usual day requires me to complete client reports or meet any other needs that the client requires."
Graduate, Manchester
"The amount of work available varies. There's quite a lot of drafting documents and putting data into spreadsheets to start, but we are receiving technical training so we are being given more technical tasks."
Graduate, Manchester
"I'm very satisfied with the quality of work. As a new starter, there is a lot of training within and outside of my team to prepare me for the role. On top of my daily role, there is study to undertake for my professional exams and there are workshops and resources for me to access."
Graduate, London
"I get involved with both actuarial analysis and investment analysis for defined benefit pension schemes. The work feels relatively important and I find most of it quite interesting."
Graduate, Woking
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