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‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is a common saying when it comes to getting a training contract. And that’s all well and good for students who have the necessary contacts. But what about those who don’t?

Pre-register for INSPIRE Law, a one-day event designed exclusively for students who don’t have those readymade contacts to come together with leading firms in the UK and open doors to further opportunities.

Event Highlights

The event is free to attend and is much more than just another careers fair.

Receive firsthand tips and guidance

We’ll help you refine essential skills, including crafting a CV, navigating online tests, attending interviews, and assessment centres. This guidance will be provided through workshops led by the employers themselves.

Inspiring and insightful keynote talks

Take the opportunity to listen to our panels of trainees and senior partners who will share their personal stories, experiences, and valuable advice with you.

Networking with likeminded students and employers

Have the chance to meet a diverse range of individuals, including recruiters, trainees, experienced partners, and fellow students. Forming these connections can prove invaluable, extending far beyond the event itself.

Explore exciting career opportunities

The firms partnered with this event are absolutely prioritising meeting more students, therefore you could find yourself fast tracked through the application process for a training contract as a result of attending.

The event is free to attend and your travel to attend the event will be reimbursed.

Embracing Diversity, Driving Innovation

Helping to level the playing field for students across the UK. The potential outcomes of this one-day event are limitless. If you find yourself uncertain about how to initiate your career planning, Inspire Law is where you need to be! Don't hesitate; pre-register now and become part of a life-changing experience.

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Who can apply?

Current undergraduate/masters students studying at a UK university.

Studying or have an interest in Law, from a background where:

You went to a state school

You were eligible for free school meals

You were the first in your family to go to university

Morrison & Foerster (UK) LLP

Frequently asked questions

Yes and no. Remember that this event is primarily an employability networking event: you will get first-hand information from recruiters on what roles they offer, advice on their application processes, and useful hints and tips that you can’t find online. However, it will then be your responsibility to follow up with the contacts you speak to and use all of the knowledge you have gained to help you complete applications. It has been known for previous attendees to be fast tracked through an event partner’s application process, so make sure you update your CV to mention that you attended Inspire - Helping to level the playing field, or include it in your applications.

We’ll group you with other attendees (usually a maximum of ten students per group) to work on team challenges, which are a great opportunity to showcase teamwork, decision making and communication skills. You’ll also participate in skills sessions, (don’t worry they won’t be testing you on anything!) with recruiters, who’ll give you the inside scoop on applications, interviews, assessment centres and how to create your personal brand so you stand out from the crowd.

While we understand the idea of a “team challenge” can be a little daunting, we would like to reassure you that the session is absolutely nothing to worry about! It’s not there to judge you or make you feel uncomfortable, the purpose of the session is to allow you to have a practice run for assessment centres with the guidance of employer to help you prepare for the real thing. A good way to prepare is to either read our advice articles on assessment centres , (if you want to treat it like the real thing!).

No, you do not need to bring your CV. We will send your CV to the event partners along with your headshot, which will be taken on the day upon arrival. We will also be sending you a ‘how to get hired’ email after the event, which will include advice from us on how best to tailor your CV to the companies along with their application deadlines, so you will be all set to apply.

Smart business wear. Please do not wear T-shirts, denim or trainers (even black ones!). Remember that you could be meeting your future employer and first impressions are really important.

You will need to bring your travel receipts with you in order to claim back your expenses. It’s also a good idea to bring a notepad and pen.

Your travel costs will will be reimbursed in full. You will be required to submit your travel receipts on the day and we will reimburse you after the event. Please bring with you the bank details for the account you wish us to pay the travel reimbursement into. Please note that you are asked to book travel tickets in advance, use student travel cards where possible, travel in standard class and use public transport. Taxi receipts will not be reimbursed.

By attending Inspire - Helping to level the playing field you will have already proven that you are the type of applicant the event partners are looking for. So, following the event, Jade and the team at targetjobs will be keeping in contact with you to find out how you are getting on with your applications and to offer our help and advice should you need it.

If for any reason you are unable to make the event, please let us know as soon as possible so that somebody else can benefit from this opportunity. You can contact Jade by email: or by phone: 01491 828 915

We would love for you to recommend this event to a friend. However, they will have to go through the same process as you (register, interview and be invited). We will have to turn away anyone on the day who has not come through this process - whilst we would love to have everybody, we are restricted on the numbers that we can invite.

Yes, a prayer room will be available at any point of the event. If you require access to a prayer room, feel free to approach any member of our team who will be happy to guide you.