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Student speaking at assessment centre

Assessment centres

Graduate assessment centres vary in structure from employer to employer, but their core purpose is to create an environment in which you, along with other candidates, demonstrate key workplace skills. These include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, task management and leadership and they are assessed through activities like group work, presentations, case studies, e-tray exercises and, in a new development, virtual reality exercises. Find out what assessment centres involve and how to approach the different activities, and find out how to be both leader and team player.

Coping with case studies for graduate jobs

Our tips on how to prepare for the case study exercise will help you show graduate recruiters at your assessment centre how well you could perform in the job.


Deliver a presentation that's worthy of a graduate job

If the thought of speaking in front of a mixed group of candidates and assessors fills you with dread, follow our ground rules for a perfect presentation.


Group exercises: what to expect

The group exercise is a key part of the assessment centre day and helps graduate recruiters assess how you'd perform in the job. Find out what they're looking for and how to impress them.


How to be your best self at graduate assessment centres

The assessment centre may seem artificial, but you should be able to show what you'd really be like if you got a place on the graduate scheme.


The graduate's guide to assessment centres

Find out why graduate employers use assessment and selection days, what exercises to expect and how to show you're the right candidate for the job.


What are in-tray exercises?

Find out how to cope with an inbox full of urgent tasks and limited time, and prove that you can prioritise under pressure to impress graduate recruiters in the e-tray or in-tray exercise.


Graduate assessment centre etiquette: handling the social side

The social aspects of assessment centres, such as lunch or coffee breaks, often cause anxiety. Here's how to chat to graduate recruiters while coping with canapés.


Written exercises at assessment centres: showcase your professionalism

If you're applying for a graduate job that involves producing reports or regularly communicating in writing, you could be set a written exercise as part of the assessment day. Find out what to expect.