Female graduates earn less than males – true, but not the full picture

‘Female graduates paid less than male graduates!’ screamed yesterday’s headlines. ‘Even if they have the same qualifications!’ Today is International Women’s... (view)

Posted 8 March 2013.

Researching employers? What the most popular brands want you to know

Here are three statements, from Google, Goldman Sachs and Apple. Can you match them to the right company? A ‘X is not a conventional company, and we don... (view)

Posted 6 March 2013.

Students considering further study turn to the bank of Mum and Dad

Just under half (49%) of undergraduates who are considering further study intend to borrow from their parents to compensate for the lack of official funding,... (view)

Posted 27 February 2013.

Enter the Mayor's Low Carbon Prize and shape your graduate job hunt

Students and recent graduates in London are being invited to compete for the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Prize. Entrants can compete for an internship with... (view)

Posted 27 February 2013.