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Top 5 graduate employers for green initiatives

For many graduates, the effort a company puts into being environmentally conscious is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing who to work for. Here are the top five employers for green initiatives as ranked by the Inside Buzz surveys on TARGETjobs in summer 2018, plus some insights into the measures these organisations have taken, which vary from reducing paper usage to encouraging employees to cycle to work.

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1. Sparx – 10/10

‘The building itself has been designed to have as small a carbon footprint as possible with rain collection, intelligent windows and reflective panels to control temperature without the use of heaters or air conditioning where possible. There are also charge points on site for electric cars and schemes to encourage using bikes or electric vehicles.’

‘All food in the canteen is locally sourced where possible and you receive a monthly pay bonus for using a green method to get to work (ie walking).’

‘The group as a whole puts huge importance on the reduction of its carbon footprint and it's a leading focus here.’

2. Burges Salmon LLP – 9.4/10

‘The firm is very serious, with plenty of recycling bins and efforts to ensure we turn off lights. We're encouraged to cycle into work as we have a bike shed and showers etc. We can make pledges to undertake green initiatives as well.’

‘We have green pledge initiatives and there are BSustainable reps in each department who suggest new ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint.’

‘A lot goes on behind the scenes including using rainwater for internal plumbing and the removal of normal bins in the offices. The firm runs a 'green week' and we are encouraged to make green pledges.’

3. DHL – 8.7/10

‘Given the industry that DHL operates in and the amount of truck/plane/ship travel that is required, DHL is aware of its carbon footprint. With our current business strategy, DHL is trying to offset its entire carbon footprint and become carbon-neutral by 2050.’

‘We are reminded to turn off our computers and monitors every day. There are recycling bins in the office and we also have a green community that runs a variety of events.’

‘The site complies with DHL's GoGreen initiative and promotes environmental awareness. Electric car charging points are available on site.’

4. Sky – 8.7/10

‘Sky is brilliant for caring about the environment. From its rainforest campaign to its current commitment to eradicating single-use plastic, it really goes above and beyond to be a responsible organisation.’

‘We have an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of green initiatives, particularly deforestation and ocean plastic.’

‘The main focus right now is on Sky's 'Ocean Rescue' campaign. Part of this is that we are all given free metal water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic waste. There are recycling bins everywhere and the café's cutlery is made out of compostable starch. There is a bike scheme and a new bike shed being built.’

5. Mott Macdonald – 8.6/10

‘We have local goals at the office level to reduce paper, electricity and travel etc, which is often discussed. Most projects also look at the carbon footprint and the carbon team has developed the carbon portal to assist with this.’

‘There's a cycle to work scheme that encourages cyclists. It includes a free bicycle repair kit that's available in the office as well as some free spares every now and then.’

‘Mott MacDonald has developed a carbon modeller that we also use at Anglian Water. With this, we are able to account for the carbon associated with each project and this is becoming an ever more important factor in influencing design. There are also sustainability leads in each office that can assist with the reduction of carbon for a project.’

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