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ARIA is an R&D funding agency built to unlock scientific and technological breakthroughs that benefit everyone.

Who we are

We are an independent public body sponsored by DSIT, with funding set for our first five years. We will activate the UK’s world-class research community to act as a force multiplier for ARIA’s investments and build new communities of practice.

Established by the UK Government in January 2023 with high levels of autonomy and flexibility granted via the ARIA Act.

We fund teams of scientists and engineers to pursue research at the edge of what is technologically or scientifically possible.

Our approach

We are a small team of optimists, working to unlock scientific and technological breakthroughs that can benefit everyone. It’s a big mission, and getting there won’t be easy.

That’s why we are built to do things differently. For starters, independence is built into our core. From research to operations, our teams have the flexibility and freedom necessary to build a new kind of R&D agency from the ground up.

We're also built to think differently. We’ve joined ARIA from start-ups, non-profits, VCs, and the public sector, so we all bring different perspectives and we celebrate new ideas. Beyond our core team, our board and wider network includes those who have pushed the limits of the possible across disciplines and sectors.

We put people at the centre of everything we do and are looking for the broadest array of talent to advance our vision. Whether you’re new to this space, looking to return to work after a break, or taking the next step in your career, we want you on our radar. If you get excited by new possibilities and want to leave your mark on the world, check out our open jobs.

What success looks like

Our success is shaped by one question: when the children of the UK grow up, how will their lives have been transformed by ARIA’s work? Whether that’s a life-changing technology or a burgeoning new industry, it should be obvious that ARIA played a catalytic role.

To get there, we’ll need to relentlessly focus on long-term impact over easy wins. The journeys to the greatest science and technology breakthroughs have always combined a seemingly unattainable vision with resilience in the face of setbacks. We’ll need to embrace experimentation and intentional changes of course. As we do, we’ll generate new ideas and uncover new paths forward.

Above all: we’ll need to support bold researchers with the foresight to look beyond what exists today to the breakthroughs we’ll need tomorrow.

Culture & Values

Our operating principals

Optimism is essential

Invention is an optimistic endeavour, driven by a belief that we can imagine something new and then create it. Our team’s inherent optimism lets us always look past hurdles to visualise and then realise the successful outcomes we’re shooting for.

We value learning over perfection

We are a small team, moving quickly. We are big believers in experimentation, and learning as we go. Our team’s strong foundation of trust and respect allows us to challenge each other when we think there’s an opportunity to improve our work, or the way we work.

We are deeply collaborative

As a new organisation with an ambitious mission, nothing matters more than building trust, connectivity, and alignment within our team. That’s why we spend three days a week – Tuesday through Thursday – together in our office in King’s Cross. Monday and Friday are anywhere days to facilitate focused time and flexibility.

Recruitment Process

  • First, you will have an initial conversation with a member of the recruiting team
  • You'll then meet with the hiring manager for the role, via video call
  • Following that, you'll have a panel interview via video call
  • Finally, we'll invite you to come in and meet the rest of our team

The formalities of each above stage may differ depending on the role

Latest opportunities

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Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA)

Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA)