Abigail Lewis

Head of content


CIPD Level 5 diploma in human resources management

ILM Level 3 in first line management

CIM: various one-day courses in B2B writing and video editing

MA and BA in English literature, University of Warwick

About Abigail Lewis

Abigail is a content writer, editor and creator with almost two decades of experience in creating careers advice for students, school leavers and graduates. She now leads the team of specialist careers advice editors, content creators and guest editors. She is known for her genuine passion for giving careers advice, for HR-related matters, and for coaching and mentoring others.

While at GTI, she has worked across the company’s portfolio of products on almost all sectors and advice topics, specialising in areas including construction, property, interview questions and law. She’s also given talks at universities, contributed to webinars and provided one-to-one guidance to students.

Where did it all start? She graduated with an MA in English literature in 2004, not sure what she wanted to do after realising that a solitary life among early modern manuscripts wasn’t actually for her. She then made a career decision in a way that she now advises students never to do. She thought ‘I know: I like words. I’ll be an editor’ – despite not really knowing what an editor actually did. Fortunately, she stumbled over a job ad for targetjobs, asking for an editorial administrator/PA to the publisher/trainee editor, and the rest is history.

Her advice content is influenced by her experience as a recruiter for her team and through what she learned while undertaking a professional qualification in HR. In her spare time, she mentors students at the University of Winchester.

Abigail was part of the targetjobs editorial team from 2005-2024.