Alan Palazon

Digital editor

About Alan Palazon

Alan is a content writer and editor. He joined targetjobs in 2022 with the aim of using his words to craft advice that helps young people take the all-important next step in their lives after university. Since then, his writing has featured across several of targetjobs’ advice channels, including the targetjobs Law publication and, of course, the targetjobs website.

Before moving into editorial, Alan worked as a teacher of English as a foreign language and as a snowboard instructor. The range of work experience that he gained before becoming an editor played a large part in helping him to develop the skills and knowledge needed to move into the role, and it also informs the advice that he writes.

Outside of work, Alan is an avid landscape photographer with a love for the great outdoors and travelling.

Alan left the targetjobs editorial team in December 2023.