Chloe Evans

Project officer , Work Experience Team, Cardiff University

About Chloe Evans

Chloe is a project officer in the Work Experience Team at Cardiff University. The Work Experience Team is a part of Student Futures, which is the careers and employability service. Student Futures supports students to enhance their employability through a range of services. A history graduate and Cardiff University alumnus, Chloe has a professional background in education recruitment. She has worked in higher education for two years and is the education lead within the Work Experience Team. Working in partnership with employers and organisations in the education sector, Chloe sources work experience opportunities for students. This includes managing the Classroom Experience Project, working collaboratively with over 30 schools in South Wales to create placements for students who are interested in teaching. By working closely with teams in Student Futures, Chloe supports with delivering education-related events and workshops. As a member of the AGCAS Teaching and Related Professions Task Group, Chloe maintains up to date knowledge of changes in the profession and supports with webinars and workshops. The task group also produces and updates teaching resources. Chloe is passionate about supporting students to shape their long-term career goals, enhance their transferable skills and develop their employability during their time at university.