Gill Kilvington

Events and group provision co-ordinator, University of Hull

About Gill Kilvington

Gill is the events and group provision co-ordinator in the student futures team at the University of Hull. She also leads on giving guidance appointments and workshops for students who are interested in a career in teaching. This involves seeing students on a one-to-one basis to guide them through the process of finding out about different teacher training routes to applying and offering mock interviews. She works closely with the University of Hull education department, as well as with teacher training providers in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

She organises a teaching fair each year and provides workshops for students currently on teacher training courses to help them with their applications and interviews for ECT positions. She also works with students on the MA education courses offered by the University of Hull, many of which are international.

She has been a member of the AGCAS Teaching and Related Professions Task Group for more than four years and is currently the co-chair of this group. This role involves informing members of AGCAS about changes in the teacher training profession and offering workshops and conferences. The group also produce and update resources for teaching.

Gill has also worked as a governor for a local primary school, enabling the school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children. As part of this role, she has volunteered in the school offering one-to-one reading support for children, prioritising those most disadvantaged.

Gill creates content for targetjobs as part of the content partnership between Group GTI , targetjobs’ parent company, and AGCAS .