Lacey Sandiford

Digital editor


BA in digital film production, SAE Institute, Oxford

About Lacey Sandiford

Lacey is a content creator, writer and editor who is fairly new to the content team. She joined targetjobs to develop her skills as a writer – and, being someone who took some time after university to figure out her own career route, felt it important to write content that helps other students figure out theirs. Lacey has been working on updating existing articles and writing new ones across different areas of the targetjobs site.

Prior to joining the team, Lacey worked as a content creator – writing PSHE lesson plans for secondary school students on various social subjects, something that has shaped her understanding of writing for a particular audience. Her degree in digital film led her to an interest in script writing, which has proved valuable when contributing to the creative aspects of her role as an editor. Outside of work, Lacey spends time creating fiction scripts and binging tiny desk concerts (and making everyone else watch them, too).

Lacey was a member of the targetjobs editorial team from 2023-2024.