Siobhan Middleton

Multimedia journalist

About Siobhan Middleton

Siobhan Middleton is a multimedia journalist for Suffolk News with NCTJ (journalism) training. She joined targetjobs’ parent company GTI in 2019 as a trainee editor and, while at the company, she interviewed many graduates successful in securing their dream roles, alongside those with impressive careers behind them who let her in on how they achieved their goals.

She left the company in 2021 to pursue journalism training, but picked up targetjobs’ freelance work from time to time. She spent the six months before her current role working as a local democracy reporter – covering council meetings and political issues across Suffolk. She moved to the multimedia journalist position for the variety, but she’s still keeping up with local politics – including covering her first local election vote count.

She’s now working towards her exams to become a senior journalist.