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Fun Facts


"Between all of our employees we can cover every European language."
Graduate, London
"We have dedicated popcorn days, veggie days and other fun surprises in our in-house café."
Graduate, London


"The three founding members of Alfa were all originally employees of Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)."
Consultant, London
"Every year we go abroad for a conference - this year it's in Miami!"
Junior Consultant, London
"The firm turns 25 this year!"
Consultant, Auckland


"Alfa was originally called CHP, which was an acronym of the founders’ surnames."
Midlevel, London
"Every year the firm takes us all on holiday.. next year we're going to Miami!"
Graduate, London


"Every year we take the entire company from around the world on a long weekend away in the sun."
Graduate, London
"Alfa sponsors a jockey - Jim Crowley."
Midlevel, London
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