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One Small Change


"More technical opportunities for all developers to learn and improve Java skills."
Graduate, London
"I'd like promotions to be more meritocratically based in the early years of your career."
Graduate, City of London
"More feedback given to employees."
Graduate, London
"More technical hardware should be made available to employees."
Graduate, London
"Allow us to buy holiday time more easily."
Graduate, London


"I would introduce a casual Friday policy."
Entry level, Los Angeles
"A more clear definition of the implementation role career path would help build long term career aspirations at Alfa."
Mid level, Los Angeles
"More events! They are great!"
Graduate, London
"More flexibility in working hours."
Graduate, London
"Going towards a 360° evaluation system to improve management relations more openly."
Graduate, London
"More standing desks."
Graduate, London
"Flexible working hours and dropping the dress code unless you are on client sites."
Graduate, London
"Try to match people who want to be consultants to more client-focused roles and those who want to be developers to internal-development roles."
Graduate, London


"Personally I felt that I should be given greater understanding of functional areas around the firm's product and what it does."
Consultant, London
"I think that consulting opportunities should be introduced at an earlier stage in addition to software development."
Junior Consultant, London
"I believe that there should be more time taken to explain the core concepts of programming."
"Personally I would introduce more feedback sessions with managers outside of your project."
Consultant, Auckland


"Larger team sizes would be nice, and a bit less time out of the office if possible! I quite like the ability to move simultaneously between projects to."
Graduate, London
"It would be nice to get more regular feedback early on."
Midlevel, London
"More formal, structured training from external sources. Maybe get graduates to work towards a qualification. More professional accreditation."
Graduate, London


"Make the office more interesting."
Graduate, London
"I would supervise more junior consultants."
Midlevel, London
"More interaction with people."
Midlevel, Auckland
"More informal feedback from managers."
Graduate, London
"More casual dress code."
Entry level, London
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