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Interview Questions


"What are the three largest expenses for a business? If you were given a good budget and a day to spend with your friends, what would you do?"
Graduate, London
"What are the RISE values? What is the most recent property-related news article you've read? How would you handle yourself in a certain situation (I was given a scenario)? Describe a time you worked well in a team."
Mid level, London
"I was asked lots of questions on trying to ascertain my interpretation of how to solve a number of different problems."
Graduate, London
"What A levels did I choose and how can I apply them to the role of a surveyor? What do I think Brexit will do to the property industry? If I could plan a trip for me and my friends, what would it be, where and why?"
"If you had £300 million and you had to invest in real estate, where would you invest it? What do you think are the most significant costs in an organisation? How would you gain the confidence of a client who has significant experience compared to you?"
Graduate, London
"I was asked about a recent big deal that CBRE had been involved in."
Graduate, London
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