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Relations with Management

7.4 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2019)


"This is dependent on your line manager. Performance feedback is generally well structured and recognition is given where it's due."
Mid level, London
"Line managers make good mentors and provide friendly and helpful advice (although it can be difficult to find time sometimes). Senior management often has little to do with graduates."
Graduate, London
"I have been very lucky with my managers over my two years as they have been interested in my development and learning."
Graduate, London
"I have been lucky to have a very supportive mentor helping me with my assessment of professional competence and my learning. The CPD that CBRE offers is impressive and incredibly helpful with additional learning on the job."
Graduate, London
"I think the managers I've had have been supportive and have always provided feedback on my performance. In regard to senior members of the business, I feel most are approachable and are happy to make time for younger members of staff."
Graduate, London
"My line manager is very easy to get on with and answers all questions I have."
Graduate, London
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