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Satisfaction with Work

7.6 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2019)


"I'm satisfied with the quality of my workload overall. Both of my teams have been really good with getting me involved with worthwhile projects and tasks. I am always (ALWAYS) learning, even when I'm working on things I'm familiar with. I have found myself being the person that people sometimes come to for questions in the residential and hotels team, which is really motivating."
Mid level, London
"My work has mainly been admin, which is obviously not that interesting, but I wouldn't expect much different at this stage. However, I have had some opportunities to work on some interesting projects and take the lead on completion."
Graduate, London
"As a graduate, you take on a supportive role within your team so you really feel that you are helping them."
Graduate, London
"I have been given a large variety of responsibilities that I never expected and my team is extremely sociable and fun."
Entry level, London
"I've been given a large amount of responsibility and lots of interesting projects to work on, from development work to investment purchase report work."
Graduate, London
"I work on a variety of projects and the quality of work I get involved in varies from project to project. I will sometimes be very involved and I just assist with adhoc tasks at other times. My workload can vary a lot as a result. I work with various members of the department, again this varies from project to project."
Graduate, London
"My team is happy to get me involved in all levels of projects, from small valuations at the beginning to large-scale strategically important deals. I was trusted to run my own numbers and talk to clients very quickly."
Graduate, London
"I've been given exposure to big projects from day one. My day-to-day role involves writing reports and running numbers etc."
Graduate, London
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