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(based on 29 ratings in 2019)


"I felt included in all activities that were going on within the team, including being invited out for drinks after work on many occasions and being out on site during the days."
Intern, London
"During my time I felt encouraged to join in with social activities such as a charity cycle competition against the Leeds office. I was also invited to go out for after work drinks on a Friday and lunches on regular bases."
Intern, Manchester
"It's a very people-oriented organisation. The well-being of CBRE's employees is a key priority, which can be seen through the wellness months and the numerous socials, even on the internship."
Intern, London
"All the teams I worked with were very friendly and welcoming. I was included in social activities after work such as going to the pub etc."
Intern, Birmingham
"The culture at this company is excellent. My team made me feel very included throughout my time here and there were social activities after work."
Intern, London
"You might be invited out for drinks or lunches depending on the culture of your specific team, but you will also be invited to important meetings with the wider department and exposed to some really interesting things. In terms of the wider CBRE, there were no events but the culture is very inclusive so you won't be scared to speak to anyone. Individuals are encouraged to seek assistance with work, which is a great quality. In terms of the internship, we had specific workshops on presenting and aspects of the business where we met up with the rest of the interns. On the last day we had a BBQ and drinks, which was a nice way to see off the internship."
Intern, London
"Everyone was very helpful and friendly, even those in senior positions. I was included in drinks, charity events and also other social events. I was taken to lunch with a few members of my team, which far exceeded their role and responsibilities. I was made to feel part of the team and felt incredibly welcome."
Intern, London
"There was a very welcoming atmosphere in the office. While generally feeling relaxed and comfortable, there was also an air of focus and professionalism when work was being carried out. After hours, it was what was expected in the sense of work hard and play hard. There was certainly a cohesion and team spirit for those involved and I always felt I was welcomed throughout."
Intern, London
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