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8.6 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2019)


"They were accessible. I felt I could talk to my line manager about anything, which made it a very good experience."
Intern, London
"All supervisors were extremely positive throughout my whole experience even though they were all very busy with their own tasks. They still made me feel really welcome and part of the team. They always gave me feedback on tasks that I completed for them as well as taking time out of their days to teach me a new aspect of the business."
Intern, Manchester
"The internal communication across the team is clear and rapid. I felt comfortable asking questions of team members and I was given constructive feedback by my director."
Intern, London
"I had access to supervisors and senior members of the team. They were great mentors who provided praise and criticism when needed. This was brilliant as it allowed me to constantly learn and improve over the four weeks. I was given detailed feedback at the end of the internship."
Intern, London
"I thought this was the best part of the internship. The graduate in charge of me, as well as the associate director I did most of my work for, regularly checked up on me and took me out for lunches and to the pub after work. This allowed me to talk about work in a less formal backdrop, which was very valuable."
Intern, London HH
"My supervisor was an excellent mentor and made me feel very comfortable within the team. She was very happy to put me in contact with other members of staff within the business so I could get a better understanding of the whole business."
Intern, London
"The mentors were great and very onboard with taking you for coffee and helping you if you needed anything, but they weren't the only people giving you work. Feedback was always given when requested."
Intern, London
"My supervisor was very accessible. Nothing was too much trouble and he made sure I experienced a wide range of activities and took me out for lunch on the last day to review my performance and say goodbye."
Intern, London
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